The Charles S. Peirce Society

The Charles S. Peirce Society
Essay Contest

The winner of this year's Essay Contest is Aaron Wilson (South Texas College), for his paper "Peirce and the A Priori"

Dr. Wilson will present his paper at the Peirce Society session at the Central Division APA meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, on Thursday February 19, 2015.

This year, the judges have also awarded two Honorable Mentions. William McAuliffe (Miami) receives an Honorable Mention for his "How did Abduction get Confused with Inference to the Best Explanation?" Zhang Liuhua (East China Normal University) receives an Honorable Mention for his "A Plea for a Peircean Turn in Justifying Logic."

The call for submissions to the next Peirce Society Essay Contest will be issued in 2015.

Past Winners of the Peirce Society Essay Contest

2013-14: Gabriele Gava (Germany), "What is Wrong with Intuitions? An Assessment of a Peircean Criticism of Kant."

2012-13: Masato Ishida (USA), "A Peircean Reply to Quine's Two Problems"

2011-12: Jean-Marie Chevalier (France), "Peirce's Critique of the First Critique: A Leibnizian False Start"

2010-11: Richard Atkins (USA), "This Proposition is not True: C.S. Peirce and the Liar Paradox" (Transactions 47 (4), Fall 2011, pp.421-444)

2009: Andrew F. Smith (USA), "Truth, Negation, and the Limit of Inquiry: Revisiting the Problem of Buried Secrets"

2008: Daniel Campos (USA), "Imagination, Concentration, and Generalization: Peirce on the Reasoning Abilities of the Mathematician" (Transactions 45 (2), Spring 2009, pp.135-156)

2007: Daniel McKaughan (USA), "From Ugly Duckling to Swan: C. S. Peirce, Abduction, and the Pursuit of Scientific Theories" (Transactions 44 (3), Summer 2008, pp.446-468)

2006: Jérôme Havenel (France), "Peirce’s Clarifications on Continuity" (Transactions 44 (1), Winter 2008, pp.86-133)

2005: Shannon Dea (Canada), "'Merely a Veil Over the Living Thought': Math and Logic in Peirce's Forgotten Spinoza Review" (Transactions 42 (4), Fall 2006, pp.501-517)

2004: John Jacob Kaag (USA), "Continuity and Inheritance: Kant's Critique of Judgement and the Work of C.S. Peirce" (Transactions 41 (3), Summer 2005, pp.515-540)

2003: Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen (Finland), "Peirce’s Magic Lantern: Moving Pictures of Thought"

2002: Mathias Girel (France), "The Metaphysics and Logic of Psychology: Peirce's Reading of James's Principles" (Transactions 39 (2), Spring 2003, pp.163-203)

2001: Jesse Norman (England), "Provability in Peirce's Alpha Graphs" (Transactions 39 (1), Winter 2003, pp.23-41)

2000: Menno Hulswit (the Netherlands), "Semeiotic and the Cement of the Universe: A Peircean Process Approach to Causation" (Transactions 37 (3), Summer 2001, pp.339-363)

1999: Mats Bergman (Finland), "Reflections on the Role of the Communicative Sign in Semeiotic" (Transactions 36 (2), Spring 2000, pp.225-254)

1998: Jeffrey Kasser (USA), "Peirce's Supposed Psychologism" (Transactions 35 (3), Summer 1999, pp.501-526)

1997: Sami Pihlstrom (Finland), "Peircean Scholastic Realism and Transcendental Arguments" (Transactions 34 (2), Spring 1998, pp.382-413)

1996: (tie) Timothy Herron (USA), "C. S. Peirce's Theory of Infinitesimals" (Transactions 33 (3), Summer 1997, pp.590-645) and Robert Lane (USA), " Peirce's 'Entanglement' with the Principles of Excluded Middle and Contradiction" (Transactions 33 (3), Summer